The Legend of Kalikimaka (book)

Night-Before-Christmas adventure with new and old characters based on native mythology and folklore. Hawaii’s legendary Maui, Auntie Alohalani, and menehune (elusive-to-see little people) create Kalikimaka (Christmas Hawaiian-Style), i.e. with an air-board full of toys pulled by pueo (owls). Mrs. Claus and Santa help.


The book extends and enhances Hawaii’s rich heritage and is a delight to those who would experience Christmas in another culture. The author provides helpful notes on Hawaiian characters, words, places, and concepts. In a HI TV Channel 2 news interview the author indicated that  the book was written for both island and mainland-visitor Juvenile audiences for personal reading, and for parents who may “Show & Tell” to younger children from the captioned watercolor illustrations. Thirty illustrations provide visual impact. Art enthusiasts will appreciate the “Illumination Art” styling of green-volcanic mountains and tall-crashing piped ocean waves.


The accompanying CD Christmas Hawaiian-Style includes the story of the Legend of Kalikimaka in song and two other Pop Christmas songs written and produced by the author. These are performed by the author and his Nashville daughter  with HOKU-level island musician support. These songs have been performed on TV 9, KSSK radio, at Ala Moana Center-stage, HTY, in the Big Island’s Kamehameha Elementary School Christmas show, and at the Hale Koa hotel. A music-only track of the author’s Radio-KINE/Royal HI Center contest award-winning song, Santa We’ve Been Good, is provided for sch ools. Music  teachers may include this song - a Honolulu Theater for Youth  “Best of Christmas Talk Story” show blockbuster audience-pleasing song – in their Christmas programs.

The Legend of Kalikimaka picture book
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