It Won't be Christmas CD

It Won’t Be Christmas, was modeled after the top twenty-five Christmas classics; a range of topics from Christmas guitar Jingle Jamming with a slight bit of light Rudolph reindeer rap to mesmerizing guitar and harmonized rum pa bum bums manger-side in I Saw The Child; Loneliness. And love in “If you’re not here with me to decorate the tree It Won’t Be Christmas, to watching toy trains go round a never-ending track.  The Festive Lights, a Christmas “I’m Dreaming Of” song, with harp sounds and Corrie Miller’s youthful styling, brings four different dreams, a verse, each, red, yellow, blue, and green as the tree lights change color.  For a homeless a veteran, On The Sidewalk, there’s a look in his eyes that cries “It’s Christmas; won’t you drop in a dollar or two.” Dad a do do do … I’m Sittin’ in the Kitchen With You (Mom).  In Santa, We’ve Been Good a brother and little sister tell Santa all of the things that they “have not done”.  Toe-tapping Christmas fun.  A carefully-crafted variety of songs that brings you a whole new Christmas experience – listenable from start to finish.

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